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02.06 Women Who Work and Men Who Care

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Project Summary

In order to stimulate gender equality in the workplace, many interventions are invented that focus on the career opportunities of women (e.g., female networks, appointing female role models). However, the outcomes of gender inequality for men are often neglected. Gender roles might not only limit the career opportunities of women, they might also limit men to take up their family role (e.g., requesting a parental leave). We thus argue that sustainable cooperation between women and men at work is most effective by achieving gender equality within both the work and family domain. The current project will examine how to stimulate the work roles of women in order to achieve career success, but also acknowledge the family roles of men within work settings.

  • Discipline
    Social Psychology, Sociology
  • Location
    Psychology, Sociology
  • Period
    September 1, 2015 -August 31, 2018