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Dr. M (Melissa) Vink


Melissa Vink is assistant professor at the department Social, Health and Organizational Psychology at Utrecht University. Her scientific work focuses on the chances and opportunities of diversity and inclusion in today's society. By investigating both the organizational and home context, she tries to gain a better understanding of why it is often so difficult to create equal opportunities. Specifically, she investigates how organizations can implement policies that are successful in helping all employees to feel that they belong and can be themselves at work. 


Vink, M. (2020). Who brings home the bacon? How gender stereotypes straitjacket men and women into traditional relationships [Thesis fully internal (DIV), Utrecht University]. Utrecht University. 

Vink, M., Jansen, W., van der Toorn, J., Ellemers, N., Monteiro Graça Casquinho, B., & Kuyumcu, B. (2020). Over de (on)zin van anti-bias trainingsprogramma's: 6 Wetenschappelijke Inzichten en Praktische Aanbevelingen. Utrecht University.
Vink, M., Senen, L., van der Toorn, J., Jansen, W., & Ellemers, N. (2020). Van best practices naar best methods.