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Lisa Herzog awarded with Hans Böckler Prize

On August 26, 2021, SCOOP philosopher Lisa Herzog will receive the Hans Böckler Prize of the City of Cologne from Mayor Herniette Reker in the BALLONI halls in Cologne-Ehrenfeld. Lisa shares the prize with Cologne politician and trade unionist Konrad Gilges. Since the year 2005, this bi-annual prize is awarded in memory of Hans Böckler, the first chairman of the German Federation of Trade Unions (1875-1951). The prize honors contributions to improving work conditions, the creation of jobs and apprenticeships, and for fostering solidarity, co-determination and participation. Previous recipients include, among others, former Minister for Labor and Social Affairs Walter Riester, and investigative journalist Günter Wallraff.

Lisa is co-initiator of the "Manifesto on the future of work after Corona", which was published by 30 media outlets around the world in May 2020. She is author of several books, among which most recently "Die Rettung der Arbeit. Ein politischer Aufruf" (Hanser, 2019), and "Reclaiming the System. Moral Responsibility, Divided Labour, and the Role of Organizations in Society" (Oxford, 2018). The Board of Trustees and the Advisory Board of the Hans Böckler Foundation admire the visionary power of Lisa Herzog's ideas about the design of the international world of work of the future, which according to her cannot do without a strong anchoring in ecological principles.

City of Cologne press release




Photo intro page by Naride Erol on Unsplash