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New book series: Social Networks, Organizations and Markets

We would like to inform you of the creation of a new book series, called Social Networks, Organizations and Markets series, published by Edward Elgar Publishers. Book prospectuses and manuscripts are welcomed by the editors.

Social Networks, Organizations and Markets (SNOM) Series

Contemporary societies have become organizational and market societies in which power and wealth are extremely and unequally concentrated. In such a context, capacity for organized collective action to face the coming transitions is increasingly problematic, and all the social processes helping citizens manage cooperation dilemmas take a variety of new forms that either adjust to, or challenge, this concentration. There is therefore an urgent need for new understanding of the main social processes characterizing this organizational and market society, such as social solidarities and exclusions; social controls, deviances and conflict management; collective learning and socializations; regulation, institutionalization and politics. In the social sciences, social and organizational network analyses increasingly provide such a new understanding. This new book series will seek to present rigorous work addressing these issues based on diverse theoretical approaches, types of data – whether personal networks or ‘complete’ networks, whether observed on the ground with face to face surveys or based on digital dataset – and mixed methods.

The series will publish work including:

  • Relational and structural conceptualizations and critiques of organizational and market societies facing contemporary social changes (inequality-related, ecological, demographical, technological).
  • A wide range of methodological strategies for designing and conducting social and organizational, dynamic and multilevel networks studies in and on the organizational and market societies with data collected in any kind of socially organized setting, association, company, and
  • Empirical studies that provide close-up, comparative, mixed methods research identifying, describing, explaining, and/or interpreting social processes in the organizational and market societies in fields such as education; social insurance; work, jobs, careers, and occupations; immigration; government; law and the judiciary; religion; entrepreneurship, business, finance and management; community building and urban studies; media;
  • Evaluations of managerial policies and public policies based on network analyses, including when these methods are used to develop new forms of social engineering, social control and interventions.

The series editors welcome contributions from scholars across the social sciences, including in dialogue with computational social sciences and complexity sciences if they speak to these main issues. Books in the series should advance scholarly debate, and/or be usable as advanced texts for (post)graduate students. A variety of formats will be considered, from the relatively compact (70-80.000 words) and focused on a specific and well defined topic (state of the art and perspectives) to monographs (maximum of 150.000 words). For details about manuscript format please visit Edward Elgar Publishing website and in particular, its Author Hub where you will find guidelines and services for prospective authors.

The co-editors:

Emmanuel Lazega, Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris / Sciences Po, France, 

Rafael Wittek, University of Groningen, the Netherlands,

Tom Snijders, Nuffield College, Oxford University, UK. 



Picture: Library Bookshelf

by twechy on Flickr Creative Commons