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Seminar with prof. dr. Martin van Hees on September 29, 2021 in "De Puddingfabriek", Groningen

SCOOP board member and philosopher Martin van Hees comes on Wednesday September 29 to Groningen to continue the discussions on value creation in SCOOP projects by discussing How Values Ground Value Creation: The practical inference framework by Thomas Donaldson in Organization Theory (this year). With this link you can find the whole article, the abstract is here below.

After more than two decades of searching, the holy grail of integrating norms into management and organization research remains elusive. Researchers still lack a clear framework that explains value creation in relation to normative values, and, in turn, a means to incorporate values into research methods and generate value-based practical insights. To fill that need, this article presents an epistemological framework for understanding value creation. The practical inference framework centers on the activity of practical reasoning, a kind of reasoning that is legitimized by intrinsic values. It turns the ordinary epistemic equation on its head by seeking reasons rather than causes, and justifications rather than descriptions. In doing so, it shows how both factor analytic and newer, divergent methods of research can integrate with a robust architecture of value creation in ways that offer relevant knowledge for managers and society.