Rafael Wittek (cooperation in work organizations), articles, books

Naomi Ellemers (group processes and intergroup relations), articlesbooks

Martin van Hees (moral responsibility, rights and freedom, and quality of life), articlesbooks

Tanja van der Lippe (work-family issues), articlesbooks

Russell Spears (social identity), articlesbooks

Bas van Bavel (societies’ development in the long run), articlesbooks

Agnes Akkerman (policy networks, corporatism, and industrial relations), articles

Andreas Flache (modeling norms and networks), articlesbooks

Pauline Kleingeld (ethics, cosmopolitism, and moral psychology), articlesbooks

Jan-Willem Romeijn (methodology, statistical inference and model selection), articlesbooks

Linda Steg (selfish choices and cooperation in relation with the environment), articlesbooks

Mark Bovens (success and failure of governance, public accountability, democratic institutions, and political resilience), articlesbooks

Belle Derks (minorities in work organizations), articlesbooks

Tine de Moor (commons, cooperatives, and guilds), articlesbooks

Frank van Tubergen (migration, religion, and social networks), articlesbooks

Jan Luiten van Zanden (history of social inequality andlong-run roots of economic development), articlesbooks

Pearl Dykstra (demographic change, intergenerational solidarity), articlesbooks

Peer Scheepers (pro- and anti-social behaviors), articlesbooks



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