Marcel Lubbers is Professor of Inclusion and Exclusion of Immigrants at Radboud University’s Department of Sociology and researcher at the Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI), in the research group ‘Immigration and Immigrants’. He is known for his work on right-wing radicalism, nationalism and immigrants’ integration.

He coordinated and contributed to the creation of panel datasets to study immigrant integration paths, in particular in the first years after immigration. His research has been funded by NWO (VENI (2003); VIDI (2008); NWO Middelgroot (2013); NORFACE (2010 and 2015)). He published interdisciplinary in journals in Sociology (European Sociological Review), Political Science (European Journal of Political Research; European Union Politics) and in the field of Migration Studies (Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies).  




4.3. Volunteering for refugees in the Netherlands: Building a common identity


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