Nina Hansen is associate professor of social psychology at the University of Groningen. Her research centers on the social psychology of cultural change. She studies this in two lines of research. First. she studies social and cultural change that is caused by development aid in transforming and developing societies. In this context, her research focuses on the (often unintended) consequences of aid projects which introduce modern innovations in the Global South such as new technologies, microfinance services, and novel education initiatives.

She is especially interested in how people could be empowered. Second, she is interested how migration may influence cultural change. In this specific context, she studies the impact of cultural differences in the field of labor market integration of migrants. Together with other SCOOP members she has received a grant from the national science agenda (NWA) to develop the first training for Dutch employers to improve current practices in the field of labor market integration of migrants. She regularly works in transdisciplinary teams and is consulted by different governments and organizations around the world as an expert on social impact evaluations of interventions with broad field experience in African, Asian, European, and Latin American nations.




7.7 Sustainable Labor Market Integration of First Generation Migrant Groups: The Quest for the ‘Migrant-Organization Fit’


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