Prof. dr. E. M. (Linda) Steg

Prof. dr. E. M. (Linda) Steg

Linda Steg is Professor of Psychology at the University of Groningen. She publishes in the most coveted scientific outlets, such as Science, Nature Climate Change, Nature Sustainability and Nature Energy, and has a Google Scholar H of 79 (34.588 citations).

She has received over 6 million funding for research projects from NWO, the EU, and industry. In multidisciplinary teams, she studies what motivates people to act sustainably, thereby particularly considering the role of intrinsic motivation. She regularly serves as an expert consultant for policy makers and practitioners on strategies and conditions for behavioral change, relating to environmental policies and sustainable energy use. She was Scientific Director of the Kurt Lewin Institute (the national graduate school in Social Psychology) and was elected president of the Division Environmental Psychology of the International Association of Applied Psychology. She is ranked by Thomson Reuters as one of the “world’s most influential scientific minds” within the category “Social Sciences – General”. Linda Steg was awarded Knight of the Order of the Netherlands Lion in 2019. In 2020, she was awarded the Stevin Prize, one of the most prominent awards in the world of science in the Netherlands. 




Scientific Director of KLI, multiple NWO and EU grants

Knight of the Order of the Netherlands Lion because of scientific excellence, Stevin Prize, and Thomson Reuters ranking


11.2 Group Norms, Intrinsic Motivation and Sustainable Energy Consumption

11.6 Mobilizing Households for a Sustainable Energy Transition

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